Kelly Rutherford: Bankrupt!

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Former Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford has filed for bankruptcy.

The actress' lengthy custody dispute with her ex-husband Daniel Giersch seems to be the cause, according to legal documents from the 44-year-old star.

She says she's spent almost $1.5 million on legal fees.

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Rutherford says that she owes $350,000 in income taxes for 2012, and has an American Express bill of $25,251. Her debts, in total, are $2,021,832.

Her current monthly income? Just $1,279.33.

The custody battle over the former spouses' children, 5-year-old Hermes and 3-year-old Helena, has been difficult for the star, financially and emotionally.

In August 2012, a judge ruled that the children should live with German businessman Giersch in Monaco, where he moved after being barred from the U.S.

Kelly Rutherford, the judge reasoned, has a flexible schedule and can travel to Monaco.

The actress tried in vain to keep the kids in America while she was filming Gossip Girl.