Justin Bieber Hotel Requests: Condoms and Jelly Beans!

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We all know Justin Bieber is a risk taker.

He drives very quickly. He skydives inside (and refuses to pay). He thinks he can find someone better than Selena Gomez.

But a new report in Life & Style claims Bieber takes precautions in at least one aspect of his life: SEX!

Justin Bieber Driving

An insider tells the tabloid that every time Bieber stays in a certain New York City hotel, he calls the front desk and asks for "intimacy kits with condoms."

And a second source adds that Bieber has made this appeal more than once - but it isn't always his sexual appetite with which Justin is concerned.

Sometimes it's his regular one.

“He always requests condoms," the magazine alleges. "And jelly beans!”

Well, sure. There's nothing better after a safe snog than to down some serious sugar.


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