Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus: Totally Flirting, Possibly Doing It!

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We hope you are sitting down, Beliebers. Take a deep breath, Miley Maniacs. And consider this:

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus may totally be getting it on.

Photos and witnesses both confirm to TMZ that the young star spent very late hours together at Beacher's Madhouse in Los Angeles on Saturday night/Sunday morning, clearly talking a lot, likely flirting - and leaving together around 2 a.m.

TMZ Photo

According to site insiders, Bieber showed up after Cyrus and immediately headed for a table.

The pair hung out for approximately 10 or 15 minutes, laughed to up and then exited simultaneously.

Clearly, we have no idea where they went together, but Bieber's leopard-spotted Audi (we'll discuss that some other time) was spotted leaving Miley's residence on Saturday, hours prior to the meet-up.

Bieber, of course, is very single, having split from Selena Gomez months ago.

Cyrus continues to wear her engagement ring, but questions have been circulating for awhile regarding her status with Liam Hemsworth.

So might these two be finding comfort in each other?!? And should they? You tell us: Should Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus date?

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