Farrah Abraham: Texting Charlie Sheen, Angling For "Play Date"

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Farrah Abraham really wants a play date with Charlie Sheen.

With their young kids, that is. Not one in which they jointly masturbate to her sex tape (though he would likely be game, let's be real).

She's been texting him, whatever her goal!

Charlie Sheen on FX Carpet
Farrah Abraham Bikini Photo

The newly-minted porn star first reached out to Sheen in May about a role on Anger Management, taking initiative and asking him out for coffee.

Sheen's response: "Coffee is for amateurs and grandma."

He'd "love to get together" in some way though. Yikes.

He also said he's down to meet up, and Farrah Abraham asked him to an event she'd be attending with some "porn star ppl." Sadly, Sheen wasn't able to attend.

The two have stayed in touch, and you can see the hookup coming at some point based on these flirty texts, but they have not met up in person. Yet.

Here are some of their exchanges ...

Sheen-Farrah Text 1
Sheen-Farrah Text 2
Sheen-Farrah Text 3
Sheen-Farrah Text 4
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