Demi Lovato on Father's Death: "It's Difficult"

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Demi Lovato spoke out today for the first time since her father's death over the weekend.

Appearing on Good Morning America, the singer told Robin Roberts she's handling everything in an "okay" manner, but admitted:

"It's difficult. I grew up with him and he's a wonderful person."

Demi Lovato on Good Morning America

The relationship between parent and daughter had been strained for a number of years, but "at the end of the day he's still my dad," Demi said.

The exact cause of Patrick Lovato's death remains unknown - but he had been battling both cancer and mental health issues, the latter of which Demi touched on this morning.

"My father dealt with mental illnesses and he wasn't able to function in society and that happens to a lot of people."

Lovato, of course, struggled herself with similar issues. She has admitted to being bipolar and having an eating disorder.

And with that mind mind, she announced today the Lovato Treatment Scholarship, a program launched in conjunction with CAST Recovery that will cover treatment expenses (one individual at a time) for those struggling with mental health or addiction issues.

It's a great cause and we admire Demi for supporting it.


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