Debbie Rowe: Should She Become Legal Guardian of Paris Jackson?

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Paris Jackson's mom Debbie Rowe is back in the news amid speculation that she may seek control of the troubled teen, though sources say this is premature.

Rowe, who was forging a close bond with her daughter before her suicide attempt (the Paris Jackson 911 call was released today), is not angling to take over.

Paris Jackson and Debbie Rowe

While she is planning to host Paris at her California horse farm this summer, she does not want to oust her grandmother, Katherine Jackson, in any way.

“It would take Katherine dying or becoming very ill for Debbie to seek legal guardianship,” said a source, despite reports of animosity with the family.

Only if the judge makes a dramatic decision to strip Katherine of custody AND Paris wanted her to step in, then Rowe would be ready to do so.

Paris could even live with Rowe indefinitely and “it still wouldn’t change the legal guardianship” situation, the source insisted, nor does it have to.

“Katherine isn't giving up the role because she feels it would let Michael down, and Debbie has too much respect for Katherine and Michael to fight her."

Would Rowe as guardian be in Paris' best interest, though? Vote in our poll:

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