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Chris Brown can thank his tattoos for making a very poor first impression on the woman accusing him of hit-and-run, Olga Gure-Kovalenko tells TMZ.

Olga, who incidentally was crowned Miss Russian LA 2013, said her blood pressure went through the roof after her car accident with Brown last month.

She says she was “scared to death” because he was driving a huge SUV – which Karrueche Tran falsely said was hers – and was covered in tattoos.

Chris Brown in 2021

And that’s before the R&B star lost it and cursed at her, calling her a bitch (among other things) and making the whole experience emotionally traumatic.


The singer, it’s worth noting, was wearing long sleeves at the time, so he wouldn’t look that inked up … though Chris Brown neck tattoos are substantial.

Olga says the only thing she got from Brown, who has been charged with criminal hit-and-run over the crash, was expired insurance for his Lamborghini.

He was driving his Range Rover at the time. Brown’s lawyer claims the singer also gave her his Virginia license, but the accuser says that’s not true.

We’ll see if the court agrees. For now, click to enlarge many more photos of Chris Brown’s tattoos … there are quite a few of them as you can see: