Charlie Sheen: In Love With Selma Blair?

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The sudden firing of Selma Blair from Charlie Sheen‘s Anger Management has prompted a lot of speculation regarding why she was shown the door.

Rumors indicated that Blair complained to colleagues behind Sheen’s back about his work ethic, but a new report says it was more complicated than that.

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According to Radar, Blair’s complaints about Charlie were to someone outside of the show, and a chain of gossip brought the information back to Sheen.

That led to Charlie getting Selma Blair fired, a decision made in part because he was "incredibly attracted" to his co-star, which made him feel betrayed.

“He loved her,” a source familiar with their relationship said. “They grew very close. When it came time to cast for his new show he wanted her."

“He was crazy about her. Call it lust at the very least."

“As the show began Sheen was still highly attracted to Selma. Call it flirtatious or whatever you want, but his feelings were obvious. He thought there was chemistry.”

But Sheen and Blair had mutual friends and one of those friends sabotaged her with him, after she allegedly talked smack, leading to his outburst.

“Charlie has reverted to his usual behavior on the set,” the source revealed. “He is late, sometimes he is hours late. The whole cast is bothered by it."

“There have even been times when he sits in the car for approximately an hour outside of the studio making everyone wait, just because he can.”

Blair was upset and so were other people on the show, but, the source insists, she did NOT complain to execs or anyone associated with the show.

“You don’t talk behind someone’s back when you work with them. With Charlie if you have an issue, you go directly to him,” the source said.

Blair, however, complained about the star to a close friend and divulged details of his behavior, which got back to him, and Charlie Sheen was enraged.

“Charlie was furious when it got back to him,” the source said. “It didn’t happen all at once. When he first heard about it, things changed on the show."

"Suddenly his character was no longer sleeping with her character.”

Call it art imitating life.

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