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Austin Mahone, 17, is an exuberant young pop singer who first became popular in 2011 due to viral videos online and is starting to make it to the mainstream.

Sound familiar?

It’s no surprising that the baby-faced Texan has drawn the inevitable comparisons to Justin Bieber following his rise to YouTube fame in the last two years.

Austin Mahone’s path is similar to that of Bieber’s, and while Mahone is flattered by the comparison, he tells Today that he hopes to set himself apart.


“It’s cool (to be compared to Justin Bieber), but I want people to see me as my own artist,” the singer said in NYC. “I want to show them that I’m different.”

Mahone’s fan base is dominated by teenage females, called “mahomies. He is known to directly respond to fans with heart emoticons and smileys.

He’s already caught the eye of some big names. Mahone was chosen as one of the opening acts of Taylor Swift‘s Red concert tour with selected dates.

Have you heard him? Do you think he’s any good? Or that he’s different from Justin (in a positive way)? Take a look at two of his videos below and tell us:

Austin Mahone - Say Somethin'