Tim Tebow Fans Plea For Obama to Make Jaguars Sign QB

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The saga of Tim Tebow continues today with a White House petition in which fans of the maligned QB urge the Obama administration to take action immediately.

Specifically, they want the White House to force the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars to sign Tebow, who was cut loose by the New York Jets last month.

Tim Tebow Off the Field
President Obama Photograph

Fans of Tebow have started a petition to President Obama, asking that he step in and make a personal call to Jaguars general manager David Caldwell.

However, the petition does not just stop there, and the fans will only be satisfied if Tim Tebow is signed and guaranteed a starting place in the team.

Tebow, who has only received offers from the Lingerie Football League and Omaha Beef so far, belongs on the NFL team's roster, some Jaguar fans say.

The petition states that if the demands are met, all home games will sell out, the team will start to win, and most importantly the fans "will be happy."

The White House petition reads:

"Jacksonville Jaguars fans want the team to sign recently released QB Tim Tebow. However, [GM] David Caldwell is blocking this from happening."

"If the Jaguars sign & START Tim Tebow in 2013, home games will be sold out, sales will spike, the team will win and the fans will be happy."

The numbers don't necessarily back this hypothesis up so far.

The petition was filed under "job creation," but while the fans who started it had the best of intentions, it has not gained any real momentum yet.

Only 59 people have signed it since April 30, or 99,941 short of the threshold to get an official response from the Obama administration. Rough.

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