Taylor Swift: Jealous of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber?

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Taylor Swift suddenly finds herself smack dab in the middle of two famous Hollywood couples.

Or non-couples. Or whatever the status of Robsten and Jelena is these days.

First, Swift reportedly played host to Kristen Stewart soon after that actress split from Robert Pattinson.

Now, following the Disgusted Reaction Heard 'Round the World (below) at the Billboard Music Awards when she spotted Selena Gomez pecking Justin Bieber, sources say Swift is "not a Belieber" in this duo.

Taylor Swift: Grossed Out By Jelena Kiss

No, really, that's how an insider put it when talking to Radar Online about Swift's reaction to Selena and Justin.

She loves Selena and wants her to be happy, but she doesn’t think going back and forth with Justin is the answer," claims an anonymous friend close to Taylor.

The mole goes on to say "Taylor’s a little bit jealous" of Gomez and Bieber, seeing as there are clearly strong feelings there and Swift has trouble holding on to a man.

However, this source wants to be clear: Taylor may wish she were in a relationship... but she would never want that relationship to be with Bieber.

“She thinks Justin is a brat and that Selena could do way better," the site reports.

Whoa. Shots fired! T. Swizzle, prepare to hear it from Bieber fans in 3...2...1...

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