Lindsay Lohan to Enter Rehab Tomorrow, Still Partying Like a Madman

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Lindsay Lohan is set to enter rehab Thursday, supposedly, but the troubled star is still living in denial and making the most of her freedom beforehand.


According to reports, Lohan spent Monday night at The Bitter End (fitting), a New York piano bar credited with giving Lady Gaga her start back in the day.

LiLo rolled in 9-10 deep to watch some of her pals perform at the venue.

The star reportedly sat quietly at her table for roughly three hours and - hope you're sitting down for this one - didn't consume a single drop of alcohol.

We know. Kind of knock-you-over-with-a-feather material right there?

Even more astonishingly, a source inside the bar tells TMZ Lohan was so "very well behaved" that people in the joint barely even noticed the actress.

Lindsay denied drinking or doing drugs at Coachella, too, so is it possible she finally got a clue? Maybe? A little? We can hope against hope?

As for the reckoning, she's expected to enter a treatment center in the Hamptons on May 2, where she's supposed to complete a 90-day program.

That would be tomorrow. Odds that she shows up with no issues?

Just hope they allow Adderall there. Otherwise, peace out.


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