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Lindsay Lohan not only managed to not die at Coachella, she was 100% clean, navigating the tempting waters of drugs and booze without parking.

So she claims. Show of hands: Who believes that?

Lindsay is telling people she did not drink even a sip of alcohol and stayed clear of all drugs, no matter how much of each people around her were using.

Lindsay and Bader Image

For the record, there were no photos of Lohan partying … and there are always photos of her partying. So it’s at least within the realm of possibility.

No one even recalled seeing her at any parties at night, which is pretty surprising but probably a good thing … with rehab looming on May 2 and all.

In conclusion, assuming she’s telling the truth:

  1. Good for her, showing willpower, but
  2. Why even bother going then?