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UK composer Paul Mealor has composed a royal lullaby fit for a king … or queen.

Mealor, who wrote music for Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding, has penned a lullaby for the pair’s firstborn child, due to be born in mid-July.

Classical artist Hayley Westenra will record the song, sweetly titled “Sleep On.”

While recent speculation is that Kate is expecting a boy (Prince Harry believes this), the baby will be in line to inherit the throne after William either way.

It’s only fitting that he or she will have a signature lullaby.


“After writing music for the royal wedding, it seemed natural to provide the musical accompaniment for the next stage of the royal couple’s journey together,” Mealor said.

“Paul and I got together to work on a song in honor of [Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s] new arrival as it’s a joyous occasion we can all celebrate,” said Westenra.

Mealor’s “Ubi Caritas” was one of the highlights when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who just marked their second wedding anniversary, got hitched.

“Sleep On” will be on Westenra’s new album of lullabies, which will be shipped right over Will and Kate to help get their little prince or princess down for the night.

Aww. What do you think they’re having?