Farrah Abraham: I Made Sex Tape 'Cause I'm, Like, Sad Sometimes

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Teen Mom turned sex tape star Farrah Abraham discussed her motives for making an adult video in an interview last night with Entertainment Tonight.

Her explanations were no less ridiculous than they have been all along.

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"I have no relationships and I'm, like, sad sometimes. So taking all this into consideration, which some find it hard to, that's what brought me here today," she says.

"I felt this was my way of embracing my sexuality and being happy for me."

Farrah Abraham claims she porn star James Deen because she felt that would keep her sex tape private, instead of having it go public the way it did.

Because that makes total sense.

"I was under the belief this would help better protect me and my privacy. So I was like, 'If this guy's so professional and everything's going to be fine,'" she said.

"Then I was like, 'I'm happy with this choice.'"

The Backdoor Teen Mom, remarkably, continues to spin this as if the porno was never meant to go public and that it only did because Deen used her.

"When [James Deen] made it like his own thing, that's when I was like, 'You know what, let me be one step ahead and gain control of my own video again.'"

"That's why I met with different adult entertainment companies."

Does she actually believe this or is she just really bad at lying?

In any case, the tape was released earlier Monday and has already garnered millions of views, briefly taking down Vivid's website. As for her payday?

"I don't want to talk about things financially, I'm pretty private like that, but I madeĀ  more than people hear. So some information is wrong," she says.

The porn money, Farrah says, is already earmarked for her future businesses.

"My plan for the future, number one, is opening up my restaurants," she says.

"From there, it's just creating a great environment for my daughter, so a home, a nice neighborhood. Her college is already paid for, that I've taken care of."

Don't ask us who would eat at a Farrah Abraham restaurant after all this.

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