Amanda Bynes Clothing Line: Actually Coming Soon?

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Amanda Bynes has set her sights on a clothing line.

How we wish we were kidding. But alas, it is true.

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The actress-turned-Twitter staple, who's recent behavior defies description and speaks for itself, was apparently serious when she threw around the idea last year.

Now she's offering clues as to what an Amanda Bynes clothing line would look like, and - spoiler alert - ugly people need not apply. Only hotties.

Somewhere, Mike Jeffries' curiosity is piqued.

"My line will be a mixture of sick styles," she said.

Wondering what Bynes considers "sick style"?

"I love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's clothing line, Elizabeth and James," she reveals to In Touch Weekly. "And I love how Justin Bieber dresses."

No offense to Justin Bieber, but who loves how Justin Bieber dresses?!

While Amanda has yet to offer specifics on when her new project will be available, don't be shocked if it actually happens. SHE'S RICH B!TCH!

She's kidding herself when she claims she has Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen money, but she is a multi-millionaire, so she could likely fund it all herself.

Whether it would succeed is a different story.

It's not about the money regardless. Whether or not her fashions are a hit, "I'll design clothes because I want to, not because I need the money," she notes.

Also, she does have some experience. The star previously had a line called Dear, featuring affordable jeans, T-shirts, hoodies, and other casual wear.

No word if she plans to call the new line Blac Chyna Bieber.

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