3D Printed Gun: Fired, Fully Functional

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The first gun made from a 3D printer shot its very first bullets yesterday.

The gun, designed on a computer program and made of plastic, is designed to be easily replicated. Watch this video of the 3D-printed gun in action:

The gun is made by Defense Distributed, a company hoping to spread the prevalence of DIY firearms--what they call "Wiki Weapons."

3D printing technology is still in its very early stages of development and use. By constructing items from hot plastic, based on a set of plans drawn up on the computer, a user can essential create any 3D object.

Many 3D printing projects are intended to be open source and freely shared. That is the goal of Defense Distributed.

What are the implications of this project? Plastic guns present a very clear safety issue, in that they are unable to be detected by metal detectors.

Freely distributing plans for plastic guns that people can print in their own homes seems reckless, provocative, and extremely dangerous.

As of now, there is no law to address the issue of distributing plans for plastic guns. Does this need to be a part of the gun control conversation?

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