Tyler Perry Sued By Guy Actually Claiming Credit For Temptation Concept

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As movies go, Tyler Perry's Temptation may be beyond terrible, but a small-time screenwriter is suing its creator/director for ganking the idea from him.

Yes, someone really wants a writing credit for this.

Kim in Temptation

William James says Perry stole his idea for Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, which did rake in $49 million despite epically bad reviews.

See our Temptation review right here on THG.

Anyway, James says the plot of the film, which somehow co-starred Kim Kardashian, is similar to a movie called Lovers Kill which he wrote in 2009.

The lawsuit is light on details, but it says both films center on a married couple with a wife tempted by another man and an affair that ruins the marriage.

Apparently Will James hasn't seen approximately 100 other Hollywood movies that meet this criteria and were arguably better as cinematic works.

James admits he doesn't know if Perry even saw the script, either, but claims he gave a copy to "an associate" of Oprah, hoping Perry would get it.

Perry and Lionsgate had no comment.

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