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This week, on Teen Mom 2 … Leah Messer got married!

Hopefully, the second time is the charm with Jeremy Calvert. Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry gets engaged herself, and Kieffer Delp moves in with Jenelle Evans.

Also, Chelsea Houska turns 21!!! Par-tay.

Come along for our Teen Mom 2 recap!

Cheyenne Floyd and Her Shadow

As their families arrive in preparation for their destination wedding (S.C.), you can feel the tension in the air. But that’s normal. Leah is psyched about it.

“You put me through hell,” Jeremy Calvert says. True. Plus 40.

It starts raining and won’t let up on the big day, which is good luck, according to whomever made up that story in order to make themselves feel better.

In any case, before Jeremy and Leah exchange vows, their tears of joy reveal their promise to each other, and all is right with the world then. Plus 60.


As Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert take the plunge with a very wet South Carolina wedding, she promises this will be her last. We’ll see. But Plus 50.

Jenelle Evans and on-again boyfriend Kieffer Delp are “stronger than ever,” which is not saying much as they were never strong whatsoever. Minus 30.

Now Kieffer wants to move in! What an AWESOME idea! Minus 70.

Apparently he has his own pipe-making business (for tobacco, obvi), so he’s totally a responsible adult now. Whatever you tell yourself guys … Minus 50.

Jenelle Evans‘ son Jace is turning three, and MAN how the time flies! Especially when you see your kid like once a month. They grow up so fast! Minus 150.

Nevertheless, they have a birthday celebration regardless, and sweet little Jace has a great time, which is all that matters in the end. Plus 100 for that.

Alas, Jenelle’s woes return. This time, financial instead of legal. Despite being paid pretty well as an MTV reality star, she has -$600 in her account.

Yes. Negative $600. Getting stoned all the time, hanging around with total loser guys and never seeing your kid is totally worth it though. Minus 200.

Chelsea Houska is about to turn 21, and she can’t wait to have her “last hoorah,” which is sad in that implies there will never be any more hoorahs.

Then again, it’s Chelsea. She mostly just cries, so … Minus 50.

In any case, Chelsea just wants to go out to dinner with friends and enjoy come drinks, and with her mom watching Aubree, she does just that. Plus 100.

But once they move from a restaurant to a bar, Chelsea runs into some of Adam’s friends, and sure enough he, starts texting her like a madman! Ugh.

He asks how many guys she can make out with in a night, and seems more interested in what she’s up to than his current GF, which Chelsea must LOVE.

You know she revels in drama. We offer no points for that, because it’s not going to help her thrive in the end, but Plus 100 more for a happy birthday.

Kailyn Lowry and her boyfriend Javi Marroquin want to get married. It’s just a matter of when and how … and it looks like he pulled out all the stops!

He dressed up in a suit, put Isaac in a matching dapper outfit, and drove Kailyn to her hometown to get down on one knee and propose in style!

That’s how you treat a lady. Plus 250.

Of course, there’s still the Jo Rivera problem. Since Javi is joining the U.S. Air Force, and they could potentially move away. Telling him will be hard.

In the meantime, Kailyn Lowry is on cloud nine though. Plus 50.