Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle Evans Fights Gary Head, Leah Messer Gets Married Again

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This week on Teen Mom 2, one of the girls got married, one toyed with the idea of a Vegas wedding, another got engaged, and a lot of tears were shed.

To top it all off on this double episode, someone even ended up in jail.

Bet you can guess who the latter was ... but what about the rest?

Read all about it and more in THG's official Teen Mom 2 recap!

Poor Jenelle

Gary Head heads to military base camp, leaving Jenelle Evans to ponder whether she’s ready for marriage. Spoiler alert: She guesses wrong. Minus 70.

When he returns, he proposes to Jenelle while she’s laying in bed and she says yes. OMG!! She then asks Gary if they’re going to be happy together.

Most people would ask this before accepting, but that's Jenelle for you. Minus 130.

Jenelle calls her mother, Barbara, and tells her the big news! Stunningly, Barbara wants them to tread lightly, warning that they always fight. Hmm.

Sure enough, Jenelle and Gary get into a heated fight in which he kicks in the front door after Jenelle locks him out. These two are beyond stable.

Jenelle Evans still “feels a future” with him, though. Minus 100.

Later, Gary returns home and apologizes to Jenelle with a new puppy. Plus 50. Unfortunately, “everything spun out of control” again after that. Minus 150.

After another physical altercation and a no contact order on both of the, Barbara bails Jenelle out of jail and they remove all of Gary’s belongings.

Plus 100 for Barbara trying to put up with this nonsense.

Jenelle explains to Tori that Gary strangled her with a blanket and wailed on her, which is probably not even true and definitely not the whole story.

Evans also reaches out to Kieffer Delp, who then comes over to comfort her and will no doubt be accused of beating on her within a week or two.

This girl needs SERIOUS help. Minus 250.

Speaking of fights, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have patched things up since she got physical with him in the face last week, so there's hope.

He’s considering entering the military, so Javi basically asks Kailyn if she’d want to get married, so that she can be helped when and if he gets admitted.

Plus 50 for the sentiment, but Javi’s test gets postponed a week, so their plans for a Las Vegas getaway won’t include any wedding ... or will they?

During lunch with a friend, Kailyn boasts that Britney Spears got married in Vegas, so she may have to as well. Umm, that lasted 55 hours, so Minus 500.

After some thought, Kailyn and Javi agree to wait to get married. Plus 300, even if we know they later do get married. At least they try to think it through.

Also, by the time he got Kailyn Lowry pregnant, she was his wife. Plus 100. Let that be a cautionary tale for prospective Teen Moms ... waiting is okay.

Chelsea Houska, meanwhile, is upset over the fact that Adam Lind plans on bringing Aubree back to her house with his new girlfriend, Taylor. Minus 20.

This girl seems to worry and cry a lot. We're just saying.

She says she wants Aubree home, but Adam says that "soon she won’t have a choice" regarding when she wants to see the baby. What. A. Douche. Minus 90.

At least Aubs was naughty with Adam. High five. Plus 70.

After confiding in Randy, Chelsea sees a lawyer and learns that Adam’s letter means nothing, legally. She’s going to pretend it does not exist. Plus 60.

Adam's still pressuring her to sign it though, so ... Minus 30.

Leah breaks the news to her mom that she’ll be marrying Jeremy sooner rather than later ... that they can apply for a home loan together. Minus 100.

Leah tells Corey she's marrying Jeremy Calvert “tomorrow.” He replies, “Damn girl!” She calls him immature and hangs up. Right, Leah. Right. Minus 100.

On the way to the chapel, Leah reads Jeremy TEXTS FROM COREY, including one where she wonders if he's mad at her. Run for it, Jer. Run for it.

“Why would you care if he was mad at you?” he asks? Plus 100.

They do seem happy, however. They get their little wedding, their mortgage loan and their dream house, too. Plus 400. Now make it work, PLEASE.

After a court hearing, Corey is ordered to pay Leah $800 a month due to the new mortgage, which he is not happy about, having agreed to less over text.

She “suckered me in” and “screwed me without lube,” Corey tells his dad. And now she's screwing Jeremy with lube, most likely. Sucker. Plus 200.


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