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Stevie Johnson is very sorry, New England Patriots fans.

He doesn’t really want you to perish via a nuclear explosion.

With North Korea claiming to be building up its nuclear arsenal, the Buffalo Bills wide receiver Tweeted today:

Philadelphia Eagles Helmet
Photo via Getty Images

“War is nothing to be played with. I apologize North Korea……..but if y’all do bomb 1st… Bomb Foxboro, Mass.”


Foxboro, of course, is home to the Patriots’ stadium.

After receiving a few dozen hundred negative responses across the Internet, Johnson then took to Twitter again and offered a mea culpa:

“PatsFans i lo…like yall also. ask any1 in my fam. ive said TheBoro is my fav place to play-bkuz you Pats fans are Live! BUT not for long.”

We’re not sure what that means, but this is Stevie Johnson. The guy blamed God in 2010 for a dropped touchdown pass.