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Rihanna sparked rumors that she might be pregnant after canceling multiple concerts due to unspecified illnesses, but friends say it is not the case.

The star bailed on her Houston, Tex. show Monday, and her Dallas show the next night, prompting chatter that Chris Brown got Rihanna pregnant.

This corresponded with a doctor’s office visit in Beverly Hills earlier in the day and reports of medical woes dating back more than a month at this point.

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky

Sources close to the Rihanna, insist, though, that the pregnancy reports are nothing but “wishful thinking” from celebrity gossip sites and publications.


Not sure if anyone’s truly wishing for that scenario … but point taken.

The point is that insiders say there’s no truth to the baby news, and that the gossip-lovers can most likely regain focus on other, more pressing topics.

Such as the Kim Kardashian baby.