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Lil Wayne is known for many things: selling albums, taking Sizzurp, having seizures.

But Nicki Minaj tells MTV that the artist should also have a reputation for respecting women and knowing his boundaries, two traits that came out when she shot the music video (below) for "High School" with the superstar.

Nicki Minaj - High School ft. Lil Wayne

"He refused to touch me," Minaj says of the duo’s sex scene in the video.


Adds Nicki:

"He’s so respectful… and I was like, ‘You could do this.’ But he was acting scared… He was just being crazy. But if I didn’t tell him ‘Yes, you can do this’ or ‘touch this,’ he refused to do it, like he’s a southern gentlemen, which people don’t realize."

The American Idol judge adds that Wayne is like her "brother" and that the two had a blast on set.

"I texted Wayne and I was like, you’re going to have all the chicks back on you, know what I’m saying? Because when this video comes out, he looks like art, he looks like a piece of art all tatted up, all sexy, black and beautiful."

Lil Wayne already has four baby mamas. We don’t think he needs more chicks up on in his place.