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Will Nadya “Octomom” Suleman end up losing her kids following her latest scandal, in which she moved out of her rented house and left it in squalor?

As we reported yesterday, Octo peaced out of her Palmdale, Calif., home in the middle of the night, leaving an abhorrent “den of filth” in her wake.

According to a source, the whole house “smells like urine.”

The walls were riddled with graffiti, while discarded clothes, food and toys littered a stained carpet, leaving many to wonder if she’s fit to take care of children.


“The pictures only prove what social workers feared most, that the children were living in filthy and unsafe conditions,” says a social worker source.

“These conditions are deplorable for children to be around.”

Nadya Suleman has already been under investigation by the Los Angeles County of Department and Family Services for several months as it is.

You can bet that will only be ramped up after this.

“It’s only a matter of time until Nadya loses custody of the kids. It’s just getting to the point where the children just aren’t safe in her care,” the insider adds.

“Social workers always try to keep families together, and in this case, it just comes down the kids safety. Nadya is clearly in way over her head.”

You tell us: Should Octomom lose her kids?