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Nadya “Octomom” Suleman is in hot water for breaking her lease and moving out of her house … and for reportedly leaving it in horrendous condition.

The landlord may need a lot more than hot water and paper towels to clean up the “den of filth” Octo left in her wake. You won’t believe the squalor.

According to the landlord, the mother of 14 left behind …

Natalie Suleman at the Gym
  • Piles of trash
  • Scattered toilet paper
  • Broken blinds
  • Empty booze bottles and cans
  • A half eaten pizza
  • Graffiti-riddled walls
  • A general stench of pee

The embattled Octomom also “had not paid her rent for the month of April as of last Wednesday,” a source close to the landlord confirmed to Radar.

“Then, in the middle of the night, she moved her furniture and the kids out of the home, leaving the house in absolute squalor and smelling like urine.

“The landlord was disgusted.”

The source said it was likely that the maligned mother of 14 was served with a notice giving her three days to pay her back rent or quit the lease.

“She’s bailed on the lease after trashing the home,” the insider added, unaware where the baby-making machine and her big brood have moved.

The trashed residence is the same Palmdale, Calif., home that police and child family services investigated her after receiving complaints last year.

In April of last year, a hair stylist provided photos of her kids running around barefoot with no pants, using portable potty training chairs in the backyard.

That led to a official investigation, but no action was taken against the Octomom porn star, who is also under fire from other government organizations.

She is also being accused of welfare fraud, given her surprisingly high income last year and the fact that she still receives public aid from California.