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How ironic. An airline called Virgin America has installed a new service in which it encourages passengers to get lucky.

Sort of.

Described on the company’s official website as “seat-to-seat delivery,” customers are now able to order snacks, meals or drinks for ANOTHER seat on the plane, including with these items a text message of some kind.


And Sir Richard Branson is making no secret that the goal of this service is to give passengers a chance to get to know each other well.

“Here’s my guide to getting lucky at 35,000 feet,” he says in a video. “First, pinpoint the object of your affection. Treat her, or him, to something delicious with the Red seat-to-seat delivery system. I say that your chance of deplaning with a plus 1 are at least 50%.”

Click Play now and watch him explain all:

Sir Richard Branson's Guide To Getting Lucky