Lindsay Lohan Rehab Center: Hamptons, Here She Comes

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Is Lindsay Lohan's rehab center in the Hamptons, where she'll be spending three months, a great place to get clean ... or a great place to spend the summer?

She'll be checking in to Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, N.Y.

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If you watched Lindsay Lohan on Letterman last night, she confirmed she's checking in to rehab May 2. Now we know where she's set to do her "time."

Seafield is not a lock-down rehab facility, something prosecutors and the judge required as part of her plea deal to avoid jail time for lying to police.

However, officials agreed that Seafield is acceptable because even if no one can forcibly restrain Lohan from leaving, they will be aware if she does.

This is an in-patient facility where patients are not supposed to leave, and has 24-hour staff guarding the doors, plus surveillance cameras and walls.

Lindsay Lohan can walk right out of there if she likes, but staff will notice and notify authorities in about two seconds, triggering a probation violation.

As a result of that, she'd go directly to jail. So it's essentially lock-down rehab, if not in the literal sense. It's also sure to lock-down her bank account.

The cost? $4,025 ... per week!

The limit at Seafield is 28 days, but in Lindsay Lohan's case, they're creating a custom program for 90. Gotta make exceptions to the rule sometimes.

And make a small fortune off a celeb.

Seafield's rules are fairly stringent: No tobacco, no cell phone, and no dressing like a slut, according to TMZ. No clear definition on what that entails.

In any case ... can she get/stay clean?


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