Lindsay Lohan "Lock Down" Rehab: Can She Actually Be Locked Down?

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Can Lindsay Lohan actually be locked down in "lock down" rehab?

According to TMZ, such a thing does not even exist in N.Y. State.

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Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in an in-patient rehab facility in exchange for avoiding jail time in her lying-to-cops and reckless driving case.

She is allowed to seek treatment in New York or California, but in the case of the former, none of the facilities have guards that block access out.

How convenient.

Lindsay has a history of leaving rehab, even if the program requires her to stay. For example, LL frequently snuck out of Cirque Lodge in Utah.

Also, she peaced out of Betty Ford - and got into a physical fight with an attendant who was about to blow the whistle on her for sneaking out.

Prosecutors offered the Lindsay Lohan plea deal based on the representation of her lawyer, Mark Heller, that N.Y. had lockdown rehab facilities.

She was sentenced to five days in jail, in fact, but will be serving them concurrently with her rehab. Another 180 days behind bars were stayed.

Could this jeopardize her latest wrist slap and land her back behind bars, where may believe she belongs? Says one legal expert about that possibility:

"The sentence was actually 90 days in custody, and lockdown rehab would satisfy that. If there's no such thing, then she'll go to jail for 90 days."

It's too soon to know for sure, but if she tries to beat the system once again, we could be looking at another Lindsay Lohan mug shot before long.

Your take: Should she go to jail?

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