Lena Headey Broke: Game of Thrones Star Has Less Than $5 in Bank

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Lena Headey of Game of Thrones fame is broke.

Or awfully close ... she has $5 in the bank. Five.

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Queen Cersei may be filthy-rich on-screen, but in real life, the British star, 39, is living paycheck to paycheck as Game of Thrones Season 3 gets underway.

Lena Headey split from husband Peter Loughran last year, and the couple is in the midst of a fight over how to split a joint $46,000 tax refund from 2011.

Loughran is demanding half of the money, while Headey is asking for an emergency $6,000 advance from the communal funds to support their 2-year-old son.

The actress has "less than $5 in her bank account," reports say.

How much less? It's unclear, and pretty much irrelevant.

According to the documents, Headey would be willing to allow Loughran $6,000 as well, but wants the remaining $34,000 kept in a blocked bank account.

Unfortunately for both parties,, a judge on the case has denied both Loughran and Headey's demands, leaving the actress in dire financial straits.

As for how a successful actress on one of TV's biggest shows could have a sub-$5 net worth, we have two words for you:

Nicolas Cage.

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