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Last week, we saw Kim Kardashian hire a private investigator to tail Scott Disick, a suspect move on so many levels, and one that came to a head last night.

How did he and Kourtney react to her sib’s latest subterfuge?

And what bombshell made them forget about it REAL fast?

Find out in our recap of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye in NYC
Photo via Getty Images

The P.I. didn’t seem to find out much on Scott beyond what we already know – he’s a party animal who gets wasted at nightclubs – so what was the point?

Minus 60 for the pointlessness and deception.

Really, the fact that he wears tinted moisturizer was a much more significant reveal, and Kourtney found that out on her own! Plus 20 for her sleuthing.

And Minus 40 for the fact that he wears that.


In any case, they were PISSED about Kim’s behavior, and with good reason. When the Lord is calling you out on your behavior, you’ve got big time issues.

“This is an all-time low,” Scott Disick said.

He’s not wrong. Plus 30.

And then everything changed. After some kind of medical emergency, Kim dropped the bombshell to her sister: she’s one month pregnant! OMG!

Did anyone know Kanye got Kim Kardashian pregnant?! What an amazing reveal by E! tonight … one of the biggest stories in celeb gossip history!

Wait, this happened in like November?

Oh well. Minus 100 for being anticlimactic, but Plus 100 for the fact that Kim and the baby were – and are – still fine despite that early medical hiccup.

Telling Khloe was tougher, given that Khlo has been trying unsuccessfully for some time, and even talked about having Kourtney carry her baby.

Khloe took the news well, offering congratulations, and saying things like “the more babies, the better” and “your ass is going to be so big.” Plus 150.

Just remember … Ray J hit it first! Plus 50.

One could also see a little bit of sadness in Khloe’s face, which was genuine. Plus 50 not for being sad, but for connecting with the viewers as real.

Minus 200 for Kim somehow trying to blame the hiring of the P.I. on her pregnancy as a lame excuse. At least pin it on the show’s writing staff.

In any case, Scott came around and all is good with them. In fact, he seemed to actually be more excited about Kim Kardashian’s baby than anyone.

“Hip Hop royalty forever,” he proclaimed. Eh … Minus 30. Slow down D. We’re not talking about Blue Ivy Carter here. But we appreciate the love.

After Kim voiced concern about still being married to Kris Humphries, Scott helpfully chimed in again, “So what, that’s paperwork. That’s not your heart.”

Words to live by, people. Words to live by. Plus 100.

Until next season of Keeping Up, starting June 2 …