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The family that stays together impregnates together.

Could Kourtney Kardashian end up carrying sister Khloe’s baby? And how does Kourtney really feel about Scott’s partying (not to mention gator killing)?

What atrocious fashion is Kim Kardashian wearing this week?

Find out in our recap of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami!

The Hollywood Gossip

Kourtney, naturally, is well aware of Khloe’s fertility struggles.

She naturally suggests that she be Khloe’s surrogate … since she has no problem getting preg via Scott Disick (or Michael Girgenti for that matter).

Plus 250 for that scandal BTW.


Scott’s reaction: “You don’t just go putting babies in other sisters because you can!” Perhaps not, but the producers will totally make you think it’s happening.

Minus 150 for contrived nonsense.

“I love being pregnant… with my own children,” Kourtney says, and it’s true. Woman can carry and pull a baby out of her lady parts on TV like no other.

Plus 50 for owning it, Kourtney.

Scott’s new idea: “I feel like your mom would be like ‘Let’s do this the old fashioned way, tell Kanye to come on over.'” That we’d pay to watch. Plus 100.

“If Khloe” needed a kidney, would you give her your kidney?” Kim asks her older sister, as if it’s at all the same or any of this is even real. Minus 100.

When he hears about Lamar’s tragic past (he lost his son Jayden), Scott reconsiders, and Kourt is serious about this. However, Khloe is “just not there yet.”

Plus 100 for tabling that … for now.

“Can you imagine Kourtney having Khloe and Lamar’s baby? It’d be taller than her,” says Kim, marking perhaps the funniest thing she has ever said.

That’s not saying a lot, so Wash.

Meanwhile, Lord Disick’s partying ways have returned. After a wild night in Vegas, Kourtney decides to draw the line with the man who won’t propose to her:

“This is not the behavior of someone that I want in my home,” she says, and she’s right, and he’s a douche, but really what do you expect at this point?

History not to repeat itself? Minus 150.

Kim, meanwhile, pretends to hire her P.I. friend Jake to follow Scott and track his car. What does he find? He hands Kim a mystery envelope at the end!

Just a prop, most likely, but Plus 50 for really playing up the drama, as if Kim Kardashian or the P.I. would ever agree to do this for a reality show.