Kim Jong Un: On a Horse! Firing a Gun! Trying to Look Hard!

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Amid escalating international tensions, North Korea has released footage of Kim Jong Un firing a gun during some target practice with his military last week.

This comes as the young leader continues to threaten South Korea and the U.S. in an attempt to bolster his image at home in the rogue, isolated nation.

His propaganda machine is in overdrive. See below.

Kim Jong Un on a Horse!
Kim Jong Un Fires Gun

If the 28-year-old weren't an authoritarian dictator and violator of human rights who may have access to nuclear weapons, this would honestly be hilarious.

One wonders what he thinks he's accomplishing with this nonsense, but perhaps that's part of it: Kim Jong Un loves keeping enemies off balance and on alert.

North Korean State Television aired footage Friday showing its leader inspecting various military exercises, and taking part in them it appears.

This after he issued his most blatant threat to wage war on the U.S. yet, moving a missiles to his nation's eastern coast and naming American "targets."

Hawaii, L.A., D.C. and Austin, Texas are apparently on his hit list. Yes, Austin. Kim Jong Un may love Dennis Rodman, but he hates ... hipster cowboys?

In any case, his latest antics are no doubt related to being pissed at sanctions against its nuclear program and exercises involving U.S. and South Korean forces.

Which begs the question: Are we playing into this psychopath's hand?

Not to excuse anything he does, but by threatening more sanctions conducting military drills of their own, are the U.S. and South Korea just fueling the PR operation?

Questions for another day. In the meantime, just pray his "considerable range" missiles suck as bad as they did during their previous 2-3 failed tests.

In other news, Anonymous hacked North Korea's Twitter. Awesome.

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