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Kim Jong Un Grease rumors are spreading like wildfire online.

As in rumors linking North Korea’s baby-faced dictator to a ’90s school performance of the hit musical Grease, as evidenced by the photo below:

The Sun (UK) first published the grainy black-and-white photo from a private school in Berne, Switzerland, alleging that this may be Kim Jong Un himself.

Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump
Photo via Getty Images

The Washington Post, however, says that Kim attended a different boarding school from 1998-2000, and that the Sun image dates to 1994-1997.


The newspaper offered an alternate theory – that the boy in question is actually Kim Jong-Un’s brother, Kim Jong Chol – though it could all be a big hoax.

The brothers were repeatedly mixed-up by accident in the media when they were kids, given the secrecy of the regime and how little is known about it.

It’s possible this is a scion of the late Kim Jong Il, starring in a classic American musical, making for a story dripping in both irony and randomness.

However, there are also millions of Kims in the Koreas, as it ranks among the most common names, and there’s little hard proof of who that one is.

In other news … check out Kim Jong Un on a horse!!