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With Ann Curry long gone, with Matt Lauer facing constant criticism and with Today ratings falling each week, producers are reportedly turning to their the only woman they see as a possible savior:


Yes, the same Katie Couric who co-anchored the morning program from 1991-2006.

“They’re calling Katie and begging for her to return, saying the morning couch on NBC is where she belongs,” an insider supposedly tells The National Enquirer. “They want her to save Matt and the show.”


Couric hosts a daytime talk show, but nevertheless receives calls “almost daily” from those at her old stomping grounds.

Will they really be able to woo her back? Would Lauer even want them to?

“Matt is not happy he needs anyone to save the show because he has such a big ego,” says the tabloid source. “But Matt said if he has to sit next to anyone, it would be Katie, because she’s always prepared and she ‘gets’ him.”

We doubt this story has any legs. But would you want to see Couric return to Today?