Jeb Bush 2016 Buzz Builds: Will He Run For President?

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President Barack Obama was LITERALLY inaugurated just three months ago.

Still, in this age of never-ending news cycles, 2016 election talk has begun.

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On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton 2016 buzz is already palpable.

On the GOP side, one name surfaces a surprising amount: Jeb Bush.

Have enough Americans moved on from the George W. Bush era that they'd vote for his younger brother? Jeb is doing several things that indicate he thinks so ...

Bush gave a speech in Dallas Wednesday titled "Restoring America's Promise: The Leadership Required and the Policy Changes that are Needed."

He also recently wrote a book about immigration reform, is giving speeches about education, and even getting potential scandals out of the way.

Bush admitted his maid was deported in 1991.

The Washington Post quoted him in its story about that incident. "It was a difficult time for all of us, but most of all for Maria," Bush told the newspaper.

Jeb Bush and his wife Columba, a Mexican-American, have battled difficult issues along racial lines themselves - even involving their own child.

"His skin is darker, because my wife is from Mexico," Bush said at a 1998 campaign stop. "He has been discriminated against... This was my family."

"There is hatred out there."

Earlier this month, George W. Bush told Parade magazine of his brother, "I hope he will run" in 2016. But Americans collectively agree with W.?

Former Republican National Committee chairman Haley Barbour said it best when describing the future of Bush, the former Governor of Florida:

"I would put it this way ... if Jeb's last name was Brown instead of Bush, he’d probably be the front-runner for the Republican nomination."

"Then again, if it were Brown, we probably would have never heard of him."

Jeb and George, and the former's son George P. Bush, who has political dreams of his own, will both be there tomorrow at the unveiling of W.'s Presidential Library.

President Barack Obama will also be on hand.

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