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All is reportedly not well between Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper on the set of their new film, and his new girlfriend Suki Waterhouse is to blame.

The two, whose chemistry earned the Silver Linings Playbook a host of Oscar nominations, are at odds over Suki, who’s been a presence on the set.

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are currently working on a new David O. Russell film, and sources say the tension over Waterhouse is palpable.

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Basically, J-Law is allegedly jealous of Brad’s new plaything.


“When Bradley and Jennifer made Silver Linings Playbook and Serena together they were inseparable,” a source says of the actors … but no longer/

“Bradley has been spending his free time with Suki, and she feels like she’s lost her partner in crime. They haven’t been hanging around each other as often.”

“Bradley flew Suki Waterhouse from London to Boston and he took her on a tour of the city. Then, he flew to Paris to see her the moment he had a break.”

“Because he’s spending all his free time with Suki, Jennifer’s only really seen Bradley on set and over time she’s grown a little bit jealous about it.”

Eh, don’t sweat it too much Jen. Guy lives with his mom.

We kid. Bradley’s an awesome guy. But if you’ve seen Jennifer Lawrence bikini photos, you know she’d have no problem landing … well, any guy.