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Jenelle Evans alleges that her husband’s parents – who recently kicked her out of the house – stole her iPad and its (obviously) scandalous contents.

She reportedly fears that more nude pics will find their way online as a result … which would seem absurd if this were about anyone not named Jenelle Evans.

Somehow, with her, we can actually see this being true.

Jenelle Won't Leave David

She and husband Courtland Rogers were both arrested for heroin and assault Tuesday, but she claims the drugs were his and she was defending herself.

In any case, she got busted and kicked out of the Rogers’ house, where both had been living since they got married. Left behind? Her precious iPad.


“Jenelle contacted me after she moved out of Holley and Carson‘s home [Courtland’s parents] and is accusing them of stealing her iPad,” a friend said.

“She’s worried that they’re going to leak naked photos of her from the iPad on the Internet and said if they do, she says she’s going to take action.”

Would that really happen, though? The friend says not likely: “They would never leak photos of her because they have more class than that.”

Not that Jenelle Evans nude pics would be a first.

Last year after she had a boob job, images of Jenelle posing and showing off her new breasts surfaced. Then three months later, a new batch leaked.

James Duffy, her former boss and (alleged) scorned ex-boyfriend, tweeted out pre-surgery pics of Jenelle, in all her buck a$$ naked and X-rated glory.

So even if her iPad was stolen, and it had naked photos of her on it, and Courtland Rogers’ parents sold her out, would the world even be shocked?