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Jenelle Evans has reportedly been kicked out of the house by Courtland Rogers‘ mom following her arrests for heroin and assault earlier this week.

The Teen Mom 2 star and her equally troubled husband had been living at Courtland’s mother’s house ever since they got married late last year.

After Courtland Rogers and Jenelle Evans got arrested for assault and heroin possession Tuesday, his mom lost it and banned her from the premises.

Jenelle Won't Leave David

Her stuff was packed up in boxes by the end of the day Tuesday and the 21-year-old was told to come pick it up or it would get tossed. Simple as that.

When Jenelle came home after the arrest … all hell broke loose.


Accompanied by her mother and a police officer, Jenelle started hurling profanity at Courtland’s mom and accused the family of stealing her laptop.

The hot mess did eventually leave, with her stuff in the boxes.

Also, Jenelle had pit bull, but decided to leave the dog with the Rogers family … who can’t afford to care for it and is looking for someone to adopt it.

Also, Courtland is not banned, and is welcome back home.

Rogers was also arrested for assault and heroin possession – with intent to distribute. Evans claims he set her up, and roughed her up, on Tuesday.

She also claims she is sober. We don’t even have a comment.

It’s not clear where either of them are living now, but she briefly changed the wallpaper of her Twitter to one of the more classic Jenelle Evans nude photos.

This has nothing to do with the case. It’s just hilarious.