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James Deen is taking Farrah Abraham’s latest diss in stride.

When it comes to her (absurd) assertion that he has a small penis, Deen revealed to TMZ that he has a GIGANTIC … sense of humor. His text message:

“What is her problem????” he said. “It is obviously medium sized :)”

James Deen: 70th Venice International Film Festival
Photo via Tullio M. Puglia

“On the list of things I care about the size of my penis is # 783.”

It was actually the least upsetting lie she told about him.


Over the weekend, Abraham claimed Deen is exploiting her, let success go to his head, uses people and has no respect for women – plus has small junk.

All part of an utterly ridiculous he said-she moaned dispute.

According to the Teen Mom star, the alleged Farrah Abraham sex tape being written about online was made purely for her personal use. With a porn star.

According to Deen, he was contracted to shoot the film and then asked to pretend he’s dating the Teen Mom alum, at which point the tape would “leak.”

He refused, the scheme blew up in her face, and he revealed that the “sex tape” was really just a porno she’s trying to shop around for big bucks.

No buyers yet, but she’s asking for an absurdly high $2 million, whereas insiders tell THG she’s more likely in Octomom’s league in terms of market value.

Stay tuned, people. All we can do is stay tuned.