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Finally, in this age of puppies being tied to track tracks, some positive pet news for a change:

A hamster in England has risen from the dead!!!

Allow us, and this video, to explain…

Hamster Rises from the Dead: Explained

Over Easter weekend, Lisa Kilbourne-Smith and her boyfriend James Davis were watching a two-year old hamster named Tink.


When they found the little girl lifeless in his cage, they wrapped her in a paper towel and buried her a foot below the surface in a flower bed.

But the next day – Good Friday, no less! – they discovered that Tink has eaten her way out of the towel and dug her way out of the soil. She was standing in an empty cat food box when Lisa’s father, Les, found her.

Tink was likely hibernating, experts say, when the hamster sitters mistook her for being dead.

“We’ve nicknamed her ‘Jesus,’" Les said of the animal.