Puppy Tied to Tracks By Terrible Old Man: Saved!

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Officials at a Riverside County animal shelter say a 10-month old poodle/terrier named Banjo is okay today after a 78-year old man tied the puppy to railroad tracks on April 2.


Fortunately, an engineer pulled the emergency brakes in time and saved the animal.

Union Pacific Special Agent Sal Pina responded to the scene and referred to it as "one of the worst things I've seen."

He untied the dog and detained the man, who said he had no other option because his family didn't want Banjo anymore.

"After an extensive interview, Agent Pina said that he could not pursue an animal-cruelty case because the man appeared to be confused, or senile and didn't fully understand what he had done," John Welsh of the Riverside County Department of Animal Services said in a statement.

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