Farrah Abraham Sex Video Just For "Personal Use," Dad Tries to Convince Himself

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Farrah Abraham's father apparently believes the sex tape she planned and filmed with porn star James Deen was made for her personal use and not for profit.

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Mike Abraham said his daughter, 21, told him it was a “private matter” and insisted that the sex tape is not being shopped around for public release.

Despite saying in the same breath that she would hawk the Farrah Abraham porn for $2 million, she made the same comment to TMZ this week.

Whatever she does with it ... it's the real deal, which begs the question of what she'll tell her daughter about it when she's old enough to understand.

“At this time, Sophia is four-years-old and she does not know the difference between good, bad or indifferent,” Mike said from his home in Nebraska.

“In regards to down the line, just like anything, we all have consequences for our actions and I'm sure Farrah will have to address this with Sophia."

“I cannot comment as to how she would do that, but I do know that she has a great relationship with Sophia and that Farrah is an amazing mother.”

“Both of these women, Farrah and Sophia, have had to grow up very fast as a result of being in the public spotlight. For me, the bottom line is simple."

"My job is to teach both of them forgiveness and acceptance and what love is, and if I did have to talk to Sophia about this, I would tell her these things.”

When asked how he would feel if and when his daughter’s sexual exploits go public, Mike said there would be no “negative connotations” from him.

“I'm a man of very strong faith and I have been taught about forgiveness,” he said. “Farrah, like everyone else on this planet, is subject to sin."

"If something like that (Farrah sex tape) came out, I may not like it, but the bottom line is that I love my daughter and do so fully and unconditionally."

“For as long as I am on this earth," the devout Christian added. "I am tasked with motivating her to be the best person she can be. And not be judgmental."

“I will give you an example, if you have a daughter and she got married, you hope to God that she and her partner have a healthy sexual relationship."

“But in the end, it is none of your business. So when it comes to this, Farrah’s activities are like anyone’s, because she told me this was a private matter.”

“She’s my flesh and blood ... I am not judging.”

Seems like an awesome guy. One who deserves batter than to answer questions about James Deen contorting his kid's body into every position imaginable.

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