Devin Velez to Nicki Minaj: You Were Wrong!

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It was totally on last week between Devin Velez and Nicki Minaj.

First, the American Idol judge blasted Devin for his group performance on Wednesday.

Then, she and her fellow panelists did not save Velez when he was voted off a night later.

Finally, over the weekend, Minaj slammed the singer for whining about his elimination.

Devin Velez on Idol

So... how does Devin feel about the judge now?

"I think she's Nicki Minaj and she goes as far as she's wanting to go," Velez said this morning on Today. "I still love her."

But what about her biting critique just a few days ago?

"The way my mother raised me is that when people are talking about you, it's not really about you and you shouldn't take offense," Velez said. "So when she was saying, like, 'You forgot your lyrics and you were off-pitch,' with all due respect, I wasn't off pitch, nor did I forget my lyrics."

The aspiring star concluded that he has no regrets and did he "best" on the show.

Do you think Devin should have been ousted on Thursday?

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