Dennis Rodman: Fired on Celebrity Apprentice!

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Somewhere, Kim Jong Un is threatening to nuke Trump Tower.

Dennis Rodman got fired on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice last night, even though Trump was the big story ... Melania Trump, that is. She is very beautiful.

So we were told, a lot. And it's certainly true.

Dennis Rodman on Celebrity Apprentice

The celebrities (term used loosely) were tasked with coming up with a presentation for Melania Caviar Complexe C6, her unfortunately titled skin care line.

Dennis Rodman got the chop because, as Project Manager, he spelled Melania’s name as “Milania” on his team's ad. That's like an automatic pink skip.

After repeatedly telling Dennis how amazing he is - despite the fact that The Worm invited himself into Melania's bathroom earlier - Donald Trump fired him.

Even more incredibly? Rodman's bathroom incident was one-upped by Gary Busey, who is now on the record telling NBC viewers, re: Mrs. Trump ...

“Melania is Mrs. Trump. Her beauty lives 5,000 miles past Heaven. Have you ever had your genitalia so excited that it spins like a ferris wheel in a carnival ride?"

"That’s just how beautiful she is.”

That's just an amazing quote.

What do you think about Dennis Rodman getting fired? Was it the right call? Or would you have preferred he stick around for the obvious entertainment value?

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