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Demi Lovato sat down this morning with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan and once again sent an incredibly positive message to her legion of fans.

A few days after encouraging young women to be brave, and releasing the official music video for "Heart Attack," the 20-year-old told the hosts that past troubles enable her to see "the world from a different perspective."

That’s what makes her a solid X Factor judge – and role model.

Demi Lovato -

"With the album, I have a ton of upbeat songs that are just like ‘Heart Attack’ – super catchy … but I also have some pretty emotional songs on there," Lovato said.


Demi, who’s "opening up about things I haven’t ever really talked about," adds that she’s recorded a track about "bullying," though it will not be part of her May 14 release.

But this is a topic the young star takes "seriously" and fans will definitely hear the single at some point.

"If you’re not using your [celebrity] for good, then you’re wasting your time," she told viewers.

Seriously, how awesome is Demi Lovato?!?