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Most people have sex out of love, sheer horniness, or as a means of preserving one’s hot 21-year-old body (i.e. the “personal use only” Farrah Abraham porn).

Then there are exhibitionists who want the whole world to see.

A couple in Australia seem to fit into the latter category, as they saw cars filming for Google Street View coming and decided to really leave their mark.

Boo Is Bored Monsters Inc GIF

They may have been faking it for GSV, however. Not that this makes it any less funny, but it looks like it’s an act, even if she has assumed the position:


A closer inspection of the image suggests that there is not a lot of contact “down under,” despite what you would be led to believe at first glance.

The guy is chugging a beer at least, so he’s got that going for him.

Nice BMW, too. Dude is totes winning at life, roadside sex or not.