Baby Born 15 Pounds, 7 Ounces: OMG That's a HUGE Kid!

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Born 15 pounds, 7 ounces, the aptly-named George King was just crowned the United Kingdom's second-biggest newborn baby ever.

Yes, someone once beat that apparently.

George King Baby Photo

Parents Jade and Ryan King are swapping out tiny newborn onesies for more mature outfits for George, who came into the world at near-record size.

Jessica Simpson has nothing on this mom.

The naturally delivered mega-baby was a big surprise: As you can see, mom and dad are normal-sized and were reportedly born at normal sizes, too.

It was a nerve-wracking delivery ... to the surprise of no one.

George's head popped out and then got stuck, leaving him oxygen-deprived for a full five minutes, with doctors giving him only a 10 percent chance of survival.

Amazingly, he did.

George is still struggling with the after-effects, but here's hoping he fully bounces back. And speaking of backs ... hope Jade and Ryan have strong ones.

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