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Tamra Barney and Gretchen Rossi of The Real Housewives of Orange County are engaged in a full-scale beef. Again. But what was the catalyst this time?

According to reports, it began with a lie that was caught on camera:

“It started when Alexis Bellino was invited to an event by Tamra. Gretchen was upset that Tamra would invite Alexis when Gretchen is no longer friends with her.”

“Gretchen contacted Tamra off camera about this, and Tamra denied inviting her blaming it on producers!” an insider told celebrity gossip site Radar.


Apparently, the Bravo film crew caught the big lie on tape.

“When cameras were rolling, Tamra would say a total different story. Turns out it was Tamra who invited Alexis, and she was lying to Gretchen about it.”

At the end of the day, “Tamra did take responsibility for it, but things became a little different between them.” Tension apparently has lingered ever since.

Gretchen Rossi is also furious with Tamra Barney for slamming her singing, but she’s tried to reach out to her friend to no avail. So it goes in the OC.

“I haven’t talked to her since it all went down last week, but I plan on talking to her in person like an adult,” Tamra quipped about Gretchen recently.

The show returns Monday, April 1. Choose your side!