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Lululemon Athletica is pulling shipments of unexpectedly sheer women’s yoga pants from its stores, while admitting that this move would hurt its bottom line.

See what we did there?!

The Canadian company, known for its pricey women’s workout gear, is yanking the basically see-through black luon fabric yoga pants from retail locations.

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Certain shipments of yoga pants that went on sale this month had an unacceptable “level of sheerness,” and affected about 17 percent of all women’s bottoms.


“The ingredients, weight and longevity qualities remain the same but the coverage does not,” the Vancouver, British Columbia-based company said.

Customers who bought the affected yoga pants can return them for a refund.

Or you can just exchange them for a non-see-through pair that still look great at the gym but are probably inappropriate to wear as a substitute for regular pants.

Not that it’ll stop people. Just saying.