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Lindsay Lohan may be the luckiest petty criminal ever. A new report indicates that she may reach a plea deal that gets her out of jail AND rehab.

Lohan, as you may have heard, already shot down a plea deal in her lying-to-cops / probation violating case because the D.A. insisted on rehab.

Not the smartest move when her trial – currently scheduled for March 18 – could result in jail time, but it looks like she’s angling for an even better deal.

First of all, there is NO WAY she’s going to trial represented by incompetent lawyer Mark Heller, so a plea bargain is going to be struck one way or another.

It’s just a matter of how good it is, which brings us to the latest update. According to celebrity news sources, Heller might not be as bad as we thought:


“A plea deal could be reached without Lindsay being forced into [rehab].”

“Since she wasn’t arrested or charged with crimes related to drugs or alcohol a plea deal requiring her to go to rehab isn’t the only way a resolution can be reached.”

“There are other possibilities including the options of Lohan undergoing extensive counseling and lengthy community service,” the source added.

“Talks between Mark Heller, and the City Attorney’s office are ongoing and both sides are hopeful a plea deal can be reached soon that is mutually agreeable.”

One wouldn’t think her prospects looked good, given her track record and unwillingness to accept responsibility, coupled with Mark Heller’s stupidity.

Never test the limits of Lindsay Lohan‘s luck, though.

If Lohan were to be convicted of lying to law enforcement, or violating her probation (for her necklace thievery), she could be sent to jail for up to 245 days.

If a rehab-free plea deal is actually on the table, that sounds like a remote possibility at this point. She has two weeks to work it out before trial, too.

What do you think? Will she go to jail?